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NFT Gaming

NFT gaming creates huge utility for collectible tokens. With our unique set of characters,
Pyroworld can create a trading card gaming experience unmatched by anyone. Step one will be the 1st drop of 1st edition NFT’s. Not only does this provide a cutting edge game
opportunity, it also represents an exciting investment.

Each character is released in 3 formats: Trading Card Edition, 3D Edition and Gold Edition with each card becoming more powerful.




Each character also comes with it’s own hero rating (1*-5*) and rarity level. These are as follows:

Mythical (Legendary) - Maverick (Epic) - Rare - Common


In addition to the trading card NFT's, which also operate as collectibles, Pyroworld will release premium, unique collectible versions of all characters in 3D format. As character attachment grows through gaming and an expanded universe, these collectibles present an opportunity for fans to grow their character collection, and create a significant secondary market for Pyroworld NFT's.

Buyback & Charity
15% of every Pyroworld NFT sale goes directly to the Pyroworld buyback wallet, ensuring the NFT's provide additional value to the Pyro token. 10% will also go to the charity wallet, ensuring Pyroworld can continue it's mission to help those most in need.

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NFT x Charity
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Cryptocurrencies have some of the most loyal supporter bases of any industry. Similarly to sports teams, people invest more than just money into their chosen projects. Time, effort, promotional videos, graphics and most importantly - an emotional attachment. 

However, the majority of cryptocurrencies are not capitalising on this and using it to transition into real world branding and merchandise. For example, Ethereum has over 400,000 holders but no merchandise store or B2C outlet.

Pyroworld sees this as a huge opportunity for both the project and investors to succeed where others have failed. The Pyroworld brand has been specifically designed to enable a synergetic transition into clothing, trading cards, action figures and much more.

Why is this necessary and how will it benefit holders?

Increased token utility
The branding element of the project will allow Pyroworld to explore further token utilities related to various real world sales of products. Some examples are: buying products at a discount using Pyro tokens, using sales revenue to buy back and burn tokens, sharing a percentage of sales amongst holders and donating a percentage of proceeds to charity.

A gateway into cryptocurrency
A consumer driven element catering to a mainstream audience will create a gateway into cryptocurrency and the Pyroworld project for people that would otherwise not have known about it or not been interested in cryptocurrency. In turn, this will bring in new investment, increasing the number of holders and the value of your investment.

Sustainability & long term growth
Long term sustainability plans are key to every cryptocurrency project. With a focus on how we can expand the Pyroworld brand into wider horizons, whilst always keeping the token and our community at the core of these plans, we will ensure the project can flourish long term, regardless of the cryptocurrency market cycles.

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The cryptocurrency space is currently rife with scams, non-committal developers and coins with no long term plan or use case.


As a trusted and proven source, Pyroworld intends to use it’s reputation to provide a platform for reliable and quality projects. Holders of Pyro tokens will receive exclusive access to
private sales just by staking their tokens and having the minimum required number of tokens.


We believe it’s imperative that there is a safe haven for cryptocurrency investors to place their money without the fear of losing it to illegitimate projects.

How can Pyroworld ensure this?
Pyroworld will require developers of new projects to subject themselves to rigorous trust tests including: doxxing, audit of their contract and including a member of the Pyro team on their admin team to oversee operations. 

The Pyroworld team will hold onto the BNB raised from the private sales for 3-4 days after the project’s launch to ensure we can refund our holders in the even of foul play.


Project owners must submit their project for audit within a timeframe specified by our team.


Admin Team

At least one Pyroworld team member must be present on the project’s admin team. The Pyroworld team member will not affect decision making but will be there to oversee and get an insight into the project’s operations to ensure safety for our Pyro holders.

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