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Pyropad is a private sale launchpad whereby holders of Pyro tokens get guaranteed allocation to private sales. 

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Delish finance - ENDED

Blockchain & tokenisation of businesses via NFT's

ROI: 200%
Pyropad price: TBC (20% discount + 25% bonus)
Launch price: 600k Market Cap

Delish logo.png

Defi yield - Ended

the one-stop shop to manage all your defi needs

How to participate? Join our Telegram for more info
Pyropad price: $0.27 per token
Launch price: $0.31 per token

Defi Yield.png

Belon DAO - Ended

The first P2P exchange governed by a dao

ROI: 900%
Pyropad price: 1.2m tokens per BNB
Launch price: 1m tokens per bnb

Belon logo.png
Pharaoh Pyropad.png

Pharaoh Token - Ended

The first dedicated Dapp for crypto promo and giveaways

ROI: 200%
Pyropad price: 1m tokens per BNB
Launch price: 1m tokens per bnb

pharaoh logo.png
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