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How to buy

how to buy on pancake swap

step 1

  • Buy BNB on Binance, Kucoin or whatever your preferred exchange is.

step 2

  • Create a Binance Smart Chain wallet on Metamask (PC) or Trust wallet (mobile).

  • Send your BNB to your new wallet address on Metamask or Trust Wallet. Your BNB will arrive in your wallet within 1-5 minutes.

step 3

  • Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap, go to exchange and in the 'from' section choose BNB. In the 'to' column you must paste our contract address then click import.

  • Alternatively, you can click HERE which will take you directly to this page with our token ready to buy.

step 4

  • Type the amount of BNB you want to spend.

  • Change slippage to 1-3% for buys and 8-10% for sell.

  • Click swap and confirm the transaction in your wallet app.

  • You are now a Pyro holder!

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